Cabinet de Luxe

Cathedral Town, Oil on Board, signed Dubois, French c.1950

This charming painting has been professionally cleaned and framed. We are not one hundred percent sure of the location but if not Moret-Sur-Loing whose bridge and basilica were a popular subject, it is just possibly an image of Worcester Cathedral - the ony other cathedral we could find that would correctly orientate the buildings, river and a five-arched stone bridge with the painter's vantage point.

Please see the other Dubois painting listed recently on site for further information on this artist.

We have concluded from our research that Dubois is a relatively unknown French artist who nonetheless was talented and practiced from the early to mid 20th century. Excellent use of colour in the difficult medium of oil, along with relaxed and confident technique indicate genuine skill and training.

The companion painting to this scene, available in another listing, is of the Port of La Rochelle. This companion painting is eminently matched in style by another work sold in Paris in 2015, by Dubois, sold by Millon auction house.

Overall, this is an excellent painting by a lesser-known French artist, professionally cleaned and in a contemporary frame.

Medium Oil on artist's board.
Condition Excellent, professionally cleaned and newly framed.
Board/Painting Height 33.5 cm
Board/Painting Width 38 cm
Frame height 40.5 cm
Frame width 45 cm