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Harlequin Gambone Style Ceramic Lamp, Italy, c.1955

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Harlequin is the nimble romantic hero orginating from Italy's renaissance theatrical tradition, the Commedia Dell'Arte. He made a notable reappearance in the decorative arts across Europe and America in the 1930s/40s/50s, representing romantic love.

We think this lamp was intended for use on a bar or cocktail table, wIth it's suggestions of theatricality, festivity and romantic flirtation.

It comes with custom made Kelly green shade and original brass fittings. While this ceramic shape was popular with Gambone, this is not a Gambone lamp. In any case, it makes a gorgeous collector's piece or cocktail lamp.

Maker/Designer Unknown. Marked 'Italy'. From the glaze, form and colour we propose it was probably made by one of the many factories based in Deruta.
Condition Perfect. Custom shade included. Two metre cord with in-line switch. Tested and tagged to Australian Stardards.
Reference 'Alla Moda: Italian Ceramics of the 1950s-70s', Mark Hill, Mark Hill Publishing Ltd, London, 2012
Base diam 15 cm
Base height 36 cm
Shade diam 40 cm
Shade height 26 cm
Total height 57 cm