Cabinet de Luxe

Large Venini Style Crystal Chandelier, George Surtees, Sydney c.1970

Simply spectacular! One of a pair of substantial Venini style crystal chandeliers designed by George Surtees, renowned interior designer whose Sydney design practice flourished from the 1950s through to the early 2000s. He collaborated extensively with Paul Kafka. His work is significant in Australian design history. He was part of the influx of talented European emigres pre and post WWII, who brought their European design training and their understanding of Modernism to the Australian design scene.

This chandelier would work with a variety of interiors and periods. It sits well with modernist but also with traditional styles, with its restrained, formal shape but rich, luxurious finish. There is another available this size and one larger - a monumental 78kg, 120 crystal, 65cm diameter chandelier. Each one will require specialised installation due to their weight. The others are currently undergoing restoration and will be available in March 2017. Please enquire.

This 46kg chandelier consists of a four-tiered gold-plated steel frame, eight 40 watt lights and 88 crystals. The crystals vary in length and thickness and their hangers are varied in height. This gives a consistent but organic variation in pattern, with an appearance not unlike a large cluster of natural quartz crystals. The crystals are also varied in colour and add to this effect. Two of the three colours are unique products of Bohemia (Czech) crystal production - opaque black and amethyst not produced anywhere else - with mainly clear crystals to balance and lighten the tone. Each crystal is held in place with a gold-plated nut.

Due to the weight of the chandelier, you will need to seek instructions from your builder or electrician about correct hanging. Emma will be on hand to provide further advice about correct and safe hanging of the crystals to any prospective buyer and is happy to attend installation in Melbourne or Sydney. I have hung the crystals in the intended order after recording the original order to maintain the designer's intention.

Reference Dr Judith O’Callaghan, Modern Baroque: The designs of George Surtees,
Provenance Purchased directly from the Surtees family by Cabinet de Luxe.
Manufacturer Frame and crystals probably by Preciosa Chandelier manufacturers, formerly of Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). Preciosa is now Europe's largest and most diversely skilled 'made to order' chandelier and lighting manufacturer.
Condition Excellent restored condition. An original installation near saltwater breezes meant that this chandelier was quite rusty when we first received it. The frame has been carefully taken apart, rust removed with a fine brass brush and the metal polished by hand, some loss of gold plate and minor pitting is visible on close inspection, however, overall appearance is clean and bright. A coating of protective silicon has been applied. Each crystal has been cleaned and rust stains removed. There are chips and scuffs to a minority of crystals - they are otherwise in excellent condition. Clients should note that this chandelier is not in 'as new' condition but it is in excellent restored condition, with minor signs of age.
Weight, inc. frame 46 kg/99 lbs
drop (ceiling to bottom) 70 cm
diameter 50 cm