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Original Franz Frohse Anatomical Chart of the Human Ear, Berlin c.1910

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Rare, original Franz Frohse Anatomical Chart of the Human Ear. This coloured lithograph predates the 1918 copyright of Nystrom in the USA. The original Frohse charts were produced by the University of Berlin from 1910 until the outbreak of WWI. During WWI production shifted to America and in 1918 Nystrom bought the copyright, producing the now famous American-Frohse charts thereafter.

Designer/artist Franz Frohse
Producer University of Berlin
Condition Preservation with Acid-Free backing and mount, framed in timber. Chart shows localised foxing. Applied label of the Adam-Rouilly Co., 'Sole Distributors for the United Kingdom and British Empire'. Chart paper cracked on lower left and lower right sides. Numerous marks and small cracks/fold marks, stabilised by mount.
Width 114.5 cm
Height 90.5 cm