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Tripolina chairs, unknown origin c.1980

$390 each


These lovely Cobalt blue canvas and Ash wood Tripolina folding chairs are in fab condition, produced some time in the early 80s and fully restored with a Sikkens outdoor oil-based coating.

They are dreamy and deeply relaxing to sit in. As the chairs are on view in our Smith Street Bazaar stall, please check availability.

The Tripolina Chair gets it's name from the Libyan capital, Tripoli. The chair was patented by Joseph Fenby in the late 1800s. When Libya was under Italian colonial rule in the early 20th Century the chair was produced by the firm of Paolo ViganĂ² in Tripoli for the Italian expat market, who used them as camping chairs. They were very stable in soft sand and the readily available local camel hide gave original Tripolina chairs a distinctive Italian colonial style.

Maker unknown
Designer Joseph Fenby, US Patented in 1881
Condition Excellent. Canvas in as new condition, timber restored and treated with high quality oil-based outdoor timber protective coating by Sikkens.
Height 96 cm
Width 72 cm
Depth 64 cm
Folded 106 x 20 x 20 cm