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Welcome to our mid century design blog


Cabinet de Luxe is all about the enjoyment of good design, so we’re going to keep posts on this ‘mid century design blog’ sweet and brief.

First up, our cards. As collectors, we thought you might appreciate a series. The rounded edge reminds us of swap cards. Each features an item of our stock past or present. There are six so far. We’ll top the series up with new images as we go along.

We made them ourselves (sort of) with design templates and printing by – a wonderful place to muck about with paper and ink. Here’s something lovely they printed when design writer Emily Potts invited illustrator Julia Kuo to make mini cards for all 59 of the USA’s National Parks.

Next week, a look at Australian designer Fred Ward and his hugely important contribution to modernist design in Australia. In the meantime, let your friends know about us via our Pinterest buttons in the item listings and our new Facebook page.

We want to hear about topics you’d like researched or illustrated in this blog. Let us know below.